Second RESPECT role-play on drought risk in Innsbruck

January 10, 2019

Second RESPECT role-play on drought risk in Innsbruck – participatory climate risk management at the local level

The second RESPECT role-play simulation, this time on drought risk, took place on December 10th 2018 at the University of Innsbruck together with seven local stakeholders. Each stakeholder was a representative of a specific field of activity with reference to the drought theme (e.g. agriculture, forestry, private household) and tackled the task to take on the role of a stakeholder of another field of activity and thereby another perspective on the topic.



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Impressions of the second role-play at the University of Innsbruck on December 10th 2018. Copyright: M. Lintschnig

Analogous to the first role-play at the beginning of June 2018 in Lienz, in the course of several steps the participants dealt with different tasks on climate risk management at municipality-level by playing their role-characters. The aim was to finally work out a compromise decision on the measures they want to implement to tackle potentially higher drought risk in the year 2050 as well as to determine the persons responsible for the implementation of the selected measures.

The participatory role-play method developed in the RESPECT project supports local stakeholders in the operationalization of a comprehensive climate risk management by employing the risk-layering concept (see “Approaches and Methods”). Participants in the second role-play appreciated this workshop-format for several reasons: On the one hand, it points out the complexity of responsibilities and on the other, it provides an opportunity for networking among different stakeholders. Furthermore, the role-play has great potential for raising awareness about drought risk.