Joining forces to improve DRR-CCA interaction: PLACARD Workshop

November 2, 2017
How can we strengthen integration, cooperation, and coordination between disaster prevention and climate change adaptation in Europe? This question was discussed in the framework of a workshop organized by the  PLACARD research project on 24. October 2017 in Brussels.


PLACARD Workshop, 24. October 2017, Red Cross EU Office, Brussels. Copyright: T. Schinko

Thomas Schinko (IIASA) and Markus Leitner (UBA), both RESPECT project members, presented the concept of “Iterative Climate Risk Management.” After intensive discussion, it was determined that the concept is highly relevant to the operationalization of the connection of the agendas for disaster prevention and climate change adaptation in practice.

The work in both of RESPECT’s upcoming case studies conducted at the local and national levels in Austria will, therefore, be highly relevant for the European level. Further cooperation between the research projects PLACARD and RESPECT was agreed upon.

Presentation RESPECT Climate Risk Management