First RESPECT role-play on flood risk in Lienz

June 12, 2018

First RESPECT role-play on flood risk in Lienz – participative climate risk management at local level

The first role-play on flood risk took place in the beautiful premises of the engineering office of REVITAL in Nussdorf-Debant together with seven local stakeholders from Lienz on June 7th 2018. Each stakeholder was a representative of a specific field of activity regarding the flood theme (e.g. emergency services, government agency, and private household) and tackled the task to take on the role of a stakeholder of another field of activity and thereby another perspective on the theme.

In the course of several steps, the participants dealt with different tasks on climate risk management at municipality-level by playing their role-characters. Finally, they had to work out a decision by consensus about the measures they want to use to face different flood-categories in contrast to a possible higher flood risk in the year 2050 and to determine the persons responsible for the implementation of the selected measures.

The participative role-play method developed in the RESPECT project supports local stakeholders in the operationalization of a comprehensive climate risk management by employing the risk-layering concept (see Approaches and Methods). Participants of the first role-play particularly appreciated the opportunity to intensively deal with the perception of another stakeholder. They saw a high potential to establish a better understanding for different opinions about the theme, which benefits real decision making.

Impressions of the first role-play in Lienz in the seminar room of REVITAL on June 7th 2018. Copyright: M.Lintschnig