4th European Climate Change Adaptation conference

June 12, 2019

RESPECT was present at the 4th European Climate Change Adaptation Conference held in 2019 in Lisbon.


With the main message “working together to prepare for change”, RESPECT fitted very well into the conference scheme and setting. The linkage between climate change adaptation and natural hazard management was at the core of the Conference and RESPECT.

Especially the roles and responsibilities of actors in both fields was seen as a very relevant and timely topic with our focus on floods and drought. The mapping of actors, its roles and responsibilities in both areas as well as the strong stakeholder engagement and co-production of results was strongly valued by ECCA2019 participants.

As a key element, the role-play simulation was presented and discussed in more detail. All participants were very interested in this innovative approach to foster collaboration and exchange, especially on the regional scale. Also actors from cities were interested and called for scaling up of this method to other areas and municipalities.

Link: https://www.ecca2019.eu/roles-and-responsibilities-in-climate-risk-management-in-austria-d-the-respect-research-project/