RESPECT (English version)

Damages caused by climate and weather extremes have increased over the last few decades and will likely only broaden with the progression of climate change and socioeconomic development. Austria is largely exposed to floods and droughts, which often bring grave social and economic consequences with them. Such climate-related risks are already being tackled and overcome within the framework of natural disaster risk management, as well as climate change adaptation. However, to manage these climate risks more effectively it is necessary to link natural disaster risk management and climate change adaptation to develop approaches more comprehensively.

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Proactive climate risk management is essential to effectively confronting the challenges at the intersection of climate change adaptation and natural disaster risk management (see illustration above). The goal of RESPECT is to further develop the initial climate risk management approaches already established in Austria. Together with the relevant stakeholders, RESPECT intends to build a comprehensive and transparent climate risk management system that transcends different areas of expertise and hierarchies.